Ramon Ajoke Hafsat [hafsatramon@yahoo.com]

Posted on :- 09 February, 2017

I had a great experience with this program and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information...read more...

Cephas Omamiroro [cephy89@rediffmail.com]

Posted on :- 10 October, 2016

I humbly want to say the Human Resources Course Itook with this organisation was very good and
satisfactory, I really do hope it will take me to the height of the career i aimed at.

I'm really grateful and happy for this opport...

Bojana Vajic [bojana.vajic@gmail.com]

Posted on :- 17 August, 2016

Overall experience has been very positive. <...

Amar S [amarsingh23@gmail.com]

Posted on :- 16 October, 2014

Very pleased with how the Human Resources Professional course went and how much I learnt within the 30 days, thanks Market Trader Academy!read more...

Callum [callumdyertest@hotmail.com]

Posted on :- 16 October, 2014

Course was structured well, we were not bombarded with information and very pleased with how hands on the course wasread more...

Marcus Thomas [marcust6@hotmail.co.uk]

Posted on :- 01 October, 2014

The course was very well structured and your templates have helped me even after training. I will definitely be using MTA Jobready for any time I want to up skill in the future.read more...

Vinesh Patel [vineshpatel54@gmail.com]

Posted on :- 01 October, 2014

Loved that the course was very hands-on and the trainers were able to answer any questions I had. Thank you!read more...

Terry Jones [terryj@gmail.com]

Posted on :- 10 April, 2014

I was surprised as to how much we did within three days. Brilliant !!!

Kirsty [kirsty@gmail.com]

Posted on :- 10 April, 2014

The teaching was pleasing and easy to grasp.  Kudos to Market Trader Academy. Would be recommending you to my friends.

Kenneth K [Kenneth@yahoo.com]

Posted on :- 10 February, 2014

I love your Courses. Your courses seem to leave no ends loose—unlike many other providers.read more...