Corporate Communications Program


Corporate Communications Program


The Corporate Communication offers training in creating, managing, and communicating corporate reputation. Coursework focuses on theory, research and practical applications of principles related to corporate communication. The curriculum includes courses in crisis public relations, theories of public relations and electives designed to enhance students’ communication skills in corporate environments. 

Every message you send from your work email address reflects on you as a businessperson, so it’s important to get them right! With our course you can learn the skills needed to produce appropriate business emails in just  minutes! We cover tone, do’s and don’ts, formatting and etiquette – all areas which can be a minefield in this still relatively new method of business communication where the rules are different to letter writing. 

Master both business letters and business emails with units of study in each. Email or letter? Before you start, make sure you’re using the right style within the most appropriate method of communication. 

You know what you need to say; now use the appropriate layout and structure with our easy-to-follow 4-point plan. Find it hard to remember whether it’s ‘yours sincerely’ or ‘yours faithfully’? Our clear guide to opening and closing business letters and other golden rules will mean it’ll soon be second nature. 
Unsure how formal an email should be? Our handy guide with useful examples covers tone, etiquette, format and greeting and sign off for all your business emails.

Course Details
·         Communication & Presentation Skills
Duration: N/A                                                                  Code: N/A
This self-paced program is designed to help students improve their business communications and presentation skills across multiple writing formats (i.e. e-mail, reports), telephone, and face-to-face interactions. A student will have access to all 18 courses included within the program and can complete all or select those best aligned with their learning objectives. The Communication & Presentation Skills program includes Courses 50000 through 50017.
·         Telephone Techniques
Duration: 45 Min                                                             Code: 50000
This course provides an introduction to effective telephone techniques. Many people overlook the importance of telephone communications, yet the telephone is the most common means for customers to contact a firm. Lack of understanding about effective telephone techniques can lead to lost sales or customers. This course will teach skills that help boost organizational success and professionalism. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
·         Communicating Negative Messages
Duration: 45 Min                                                             Code: 50002
This course presents tactful, effective strategies for communicating bad or unwelcome news to others. You will learn strategies for presenting negative messages both inside and outside an organization. You will learn skills specifically designed for the delicate job of delivering bad news. This includes considering legal matters and recognizing cultural differences. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
·         Business Writing: Reports and Proposals
Duration: 45 Min                                                             Code: 50003
This course presents solid, logical techniques for writing two crucial business documents— proposals and reports. It covers the various types of business reports and proposals, their structure, purpose and content, as well as professional models of reports written by seasoned experts. It is designed to show the student the basic components of each kind | of business report and proposal in use today, including formal and informal formats. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
·         Enhancing Your Speaking Skills
Duration: 45 Min                                                             Code: 50006
This course offers everything the business communicator needs to improve public speaking and oral presentation skills. The course contains information on visual aids, verbal signposts, and planning and organizing material. Your self-confidence will increase as you master your material and learn effective, successful public speaking methods. You will learn about the entire oral presentation process, including how to plan, organize and deliver a presentation. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
·         Communicating Persuasively
Duration: 45 Min                                                             Code: 50010
This course presents techniques in the art of persuading others. It shows you how to use the 3 x 3 writing Plan to organize and compose messages. It also presents a toolbox of new techniques for writing persuasive internal messages, sales messages, news releases, claims and adjustments, and action requests. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
·         Business Writing: Letters and E-mails
Duration: 60 Min                                                             Code: 50013
This course explains how to use the 3 x 3 writing Process for routine business correspondence. You will learn how to correspond with different audiences—customers, employees and superiors. You will also learn to write for different mediums—letters, memos and emails. The course will help you to improve your ability to write coherent business messages. This course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.
·         Communication Basics
Duration: 60 Min                                                             Code: 50014
You’re convinced that you said it clearly, but the person you were talking to just didn’t seem to get it. You might as well have been speaking two different languages. Learn the basics of effective communication and you can be on your way to having greater confidence in your ability to make sure that your messages are understood. This course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.
·         Presentation Skills
Duration: 60 Min                                                             Code: 50015
One of the biggest fears for managers and others is speaking in public. You will receive worksheets and checklists to help you plan and present your remarks for the most impact, and you will learn how to deal with the anxiety that so often accompanies such assignments. The course includes tools and techniques to help you determine what the audience wants and needs, methods to gauge their needs, and a structure for organizing and formatting a good presentation. This course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.
·         Email Etiquette
Duration: 45 Min                                                             Code: 50016
The World Wide Web and email technology have changed the way we communicate. Email offers a clear business advantage, speeding up transactions and long distance discussions. In the past few years, email has become the communication medium of choice in the office, replacing the phone and one-on-one contact. Email etiquette or protocol is the unwritten rules of email messaging. These rules help to improve communication, resulting in more effective emails. This course will provide you with the most up-to-date information on email etiquette and give you the skills to communicate effectively using email. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Course Dates for Corporate Communications Program


Apr 01, 2017


One month




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