Sales Fundamentals Program


Sales Fundamentals Program


This program gives a thorough understanding of consultative selling. From business creation to improved time and territory management; goal-setting to prospecting, and everything in between, attendees return to the territory with a renewed enthusiasm for selling.

Clients are demanding personal service and our "Sales Professional Certificate" will teach your employees how to enhance the critical conversation skills of personal bankers-Presence, Relating, Listening, Questioning, Positioning and Checking.

Course details:      

   Building a Foundation for Successful Sales
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20315
This course highlights the importance of effective selling skills in financial services.
Key topics include:
ü  Sales and marketing strategies financial institutions use in response to a competitive market environment
ü  Two ways financial institution employees can overcome a resistance to sell
ü  Three characteristics of sales professionals
ü  The importance of appearance
ü  How financial selling differs from other types of selling
ü  Gathering clues to customers’ financial needs
ü  The six steps of the sales process
ü  How qualifying a prospect can influence the sales process
·         Cross Selling: Successful Customer Relations
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20111
This interactive course uncovers the key tools for successful selling. Students will learn how to sharpen there listening skills to build customer relationships, how to utilize product knowledge to match customer needs with the appropriate services, and recognize how to complete the selling process.

·         Customer Service: Telephone Excellence
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20120
For a financial institution to be successful, every employee, from top management to frontline, must know how to handle customer phone calls courteously and efficiently. Good customer service promotes loyalty among your existing customers and results in good word-of-mouth advertising.
This course illustrates the importance of developing effective telephone skills and covers the following:
ü  Components of the message we communicate on the telephone
ü  The six-step model for an effective telephone exchange
ü  General telephone activities
ü  Techniques for handling difficult calls.

·         Ethics: Policy and Personal Judgment for Customer Service
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20202CS
Ethics violations often result in media spotlight. Do your employees know how to handle ethical situations they may encounter? Learn why an ethics policy exists and how to evaluate individual circumstances to determine the best course of action. This course provides a review of BBA, several real-life scenarios and an easily remembered “Ultimate Ethical Test.”

·         Handling Challenging Situations
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20318
This course describes different techniques and guidelines for handling difficult or challenging customer situations.
Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to:
ü  Interact effectively with customers at peak times
ü  Identify methods for correcting errors
ü  Determine effective methods for resolving customer complaints and identify effective ways to interact with angry customers.
ü  Apply active listening techniques to identify the cause of customer anger
ü  Demonstrate effective techniques for defusing anger

·         Key Essentials of Customer Service
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20051
This interactive program is ideal for all your frontline employees. They will learn the essentials of providing exceptional customer service and will have the opportunity to assess their skills in this critical area.
·         Sales: Asking for the Business
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20316
Continue your study of the sales process for financial services with this enlightening course. Written for all financial services employees, this course addresses why some financial professionals are reluctant to ask for the sale, and also identifies the guidelines for asking for the sale. This course describes techniques for gaining commitment and nonverbal behaviors that can indicate an interest to buy. In that same vein, this course also helps you to see the importance of avoiding overselling.

·         Telephone Techniques for Customer Interactions
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20321
This course will help you understand why telephone communications can be so challenging and presents some potential barriers inherent to telephone communication. In addition, this course outlines how to recognize the definition of listening, the five stages of the communication process, how to effectively answer business calls, effective and courteous ways to place callers on hold, steps to follow to minimize call escalation, and the process for breaking up complex calls.

·         The Key Essentials of Advanced Selling: A Coaching and Training Tool
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20086
This program focuses on the topic of advanced selling and goes beyond the basics. It is designed for all front-line employees. It’s ideal for coaching your employees to higher sales.

·         The Key Essentials to Selling
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20085
Employees will learn sales basics, including the importance of building rapport, identifying and confirming needs, emphasizing the benefits of a product or service, and determining how to gain or close a commitment. It also contains an assessment module to evaluate the user’s skills in the selling area. This course is ideal for all frontline employees.

Course Dates for Sales Fundamentals Program


Apr 01, 2017


One month




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