Bank Manager Program


Bank Manager Program


Clients are demanding personal service and our "Professional Bank Manager Certificate" will teach your employees how to enhance the critical conversation skills of personal bankers-Presence, Relating, Listening, Questioning, Positioning and Checking.

Course Details

·         Board of Directors: An Introduction
Duration: 10 Min                                           Code: 20341
This course is designed for new board members, or board members who may need a refresher about their role in bank operations. Upon completion of this course, board members will be able to identify the eligibility requirements for board members, and they’ll determine how an individual becomes a board member. In addition, they’ll be able to explain the importance of the supervisory committee and recognize the six fiduciary duties of bank boards of directors.

·         Board of Directors: General Direction and Control
Duration: 7 Min                                             Code: 20342
Upon completion of this course, board members will be able to identify ways a bank board of director may stay informed, determine how a board member may closely coordinate with management, and demonstrate how to monitor a bank’s management.
·         Board of Directors: Ensuring Safety and Soundness
Duration: 10 Min                                           Code: 20343
Upon completion of this course, board members will be able to determine how a board member can ensure safety and soundness, understand the ramifications of a regulatory infraction, and determine how a director can reduce regulatory concerns, identify the six categories of risk, and analyze the potential legal liabilities of directorship.
·         Board of Directors: Basic Finance and Accounting Practices
Duration: 12 Min                                           Code: 20345
Upon completion of this course, board members will be able to understand why a board member should have a basic knowledge of accounting practices, analyze the items on a balance sheet and income statement, indicate the differences between the balance sheet and income statement, identify which line items are risks which may lead to financial loss, and demonstrate how to ask financial questions of management and auditors.
·         Board of Directors: Regulatory Overview for Directors
Duration: 15 Min                                           Code: 20346
Upon completion of this course, board members will be able to identify which laws and regulations apply to banks, including BSA, Reg B, and Reg Z, recognize how much a board member should know about applicable regulations, determine where to find regulatory update information and resources, understand how a credit union should update policies and procedures based on amended regulations, and identify how often the board should approve updated policies and procedures.
·         BSA: Management’s Perspective
Duration: 30 Min                                           Code: 20204MGT
Due to the grave importance bank examiners place on BSA compliance, it’s essential for management to understand BSA and its attendant regulations. This comprehensive tutorial on management’s role in BSA compliance includes establishing a risk-based BSA/AML compliance program, understanding the minimum requirements to adhere to, and conforming to the rules governing information sharing and SAR.
·         Change Management
Duration: 60 Min                                           Code: 50185
It’s a fact of life and work, “The only constant is change.” This course will introduce you to skills that can help your team manage change. Learn how to set goals and anticipate problems by planning, identify the three phases of transition and how they affect your team, and ensure key results with a refined vision and commitment to change. This course includes in-course worksheets, quizzes, and a test to check for understanding.
·         Change Management – Managing Change
Duration: 30 Min                                           Code: 50078
Welcome to Managing Change! This course provides managers with the tools necessary to manage change in an effective and efficient manner. It outlines strategies managers when they seek change to improve the organization’s performance. Tips and techniques that can be used to manage the change process are outlined.
·         Ethics: Policy and Personal Judgment for Managers
Duration: 30 Min                                           Code: 20202MGT
Ethics violations often result in media spotlight. Do your employees know how to handle ethical situations they may encounter? Learn why you should have an ethics policy and how to evaluate individual circumstances to determine the best course of action. It provides a review of the BBA, several real-life scenarios and an easy-to-remember “Ultimate Ethical Test”.

·         Vendor Management
Duration: 30 Min                                           Code: 20375
This course will help you identify and manage the various kinds of risks associated with outsourcing parts of your business to vendors. It also outlines the procedures for designing a request for proposal, proposal review, contract concerns, and evaluating the servicing of the contract by your vendor.


Course Dates for Bank Manager Program


Feb 15, 2021


One month




$ 199.00