Educational Gift Cards

Educational Gift Card

Educational Gift Card

We celebrate love, gratitude, friendship, and a hundred other sentiments that require more than just words. Market Trader Academy introduces the perfect gift by way of the Educational Gift Cards.


Market Trader Academy's Educational Gift card is a unique and perfect way to show that you care about "giving back".  The recipient will have the opportunity of directing the gift card towards one of MTA’s Educational Certificate programs.  MTA’s educational gift card is truly a versatile gift and an ideal way to reward those in the education field. We believe empowering people through education is the key to creating exponential growth not only for them, but for our heritage and our planet. MTA Gift cards are convenient and distinctive gifts for individual or corporate gift giving.

Your gift will make a world of difference to someone by providing better career opportunities through education. Thank you for partnering with us to give the best gift, the gift of knowledge.
Why MTA Gift Cards are a great idea:

1.  When you don't know exactly what to give
2.  You would like to encourage education through giving
3.  Recipient will have the opportunity to learn and experience the joy of giving
4.  Gift cards demonstrate your commitment to giving back.  This reflects positively on you
5.  This gift helps to make a difference in someone’s life and thus change lives.
7.  You will have the unique satisfaction of having done something good!

The e-Gift card can be redeemed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

How it works:

The MTA Gift Card is a prepaid card priced at USD99 (or equivalent value in other currencies).  It has a Gift code /reference number on it. The Gift cards can be redeemed online. The receiver can purchase any of MTA’s professional online courses worth the amount of the Gift card.  

Course Dates for Educational Gift Card


Feb 15, 2021


3 months




$ 199.00