Bank Teller Program


Bank Teller Program


Clients are demanding personal service and our "Professional Bank Teller Certificate" will teach your employees how to Enhance the critical conversation skills of personal bankers-Presence, Relating, Listening, Questioning, Positioning and Checking.

Course Details

·         Decedent Accounts
Duration: 60 Min                                                       Code: 20234
This course addresses the complex issues surrounding the proper handling of an account upon the depositor’s death.
Key topics include the following:
ü  Responsibilities of a financial institution after the death of a depositor
ü  Legal definitions of decedent accounts
ü  Types of decedent estates
ü  Items needed to service decedent accounts
ü  How to identify the authorized recipient of funds of a decedent account
ü  State and federal laws regarding inheritance, estate and gift taxes
·         Deposit Account Fundamentals
Duration: 90 Min                                                       Code: 20311
This course delves into the variety of deposit accounts available from financial institutions today and explores the features and benefits of each. This course will teach you to differentiate between the various characteristics of deposit accounts, as well as identify the features and benefits of the deposit accounts. Learn more about distinguishing between various types of account ownership, differentiate between simple and compound interest and tiered rate structures, and distinguish between the various types of account ownership. Additionally, you’ll determine how to counsel customers regarding various types of investments and identify the various steps in opening deposit accounts.
·         Safe Deposit Boxes: Daily Routines
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20078
In this course about safe deposit boxes, you’ll learn to determine your role as a custodian, identify the various types of safe deposit agreements, recognize how to handle various customer interactions, and determine how to assist customers who need to access their safe deposit box.
·         Balancing Daily Transactions
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20313
This course helps tellers balance accurately and explains how to detect and prevent differences.
Key topics include:
ü  “Balancing” and why it is important to financial institutions
ü  the internal and external controls of the balancing process
ü  “Difference reconciliation” and the common errors that may result
ü  How balancing errors are resolved
ü  Techniques commonly employed to minimize cash transaction errors
·         Check Fraud Prevention
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20310
This course helps you detect check fraud schemes and shows you how to prevent them. You will determine the parts of a check and their functions and recognize signs of criminal behavior during attempts to pass fraudulent checks.
·         Introduction to Checks
Duration: 60 Min                                                       Code: 20314
Have you ever wondered how checks are handled at your financial institution? This course will help you determine the definition of a check and how it works as a medium of exchange. After completing this course, you’ll also be able to identify the essential elements of a check, recognize the six basic types of checks, and identify the check-clearing process and any exceptions that may arise.
·         Teller Operations: Identification
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20070
This informative program explains which common transactions require identification, types of acceptable identification, and how to verify and record identity information.

·         Teller Success: Money Handling
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20016
Employees will learn to recognize the physical components of U.S. coin and currency, how to detect altered and counterfeit currency, guidelines for setting up and securing a money drawer, plus the necessary steps for receiving or paying out money.
·         Teller Success: Negotiable Instruments
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20017
Train your new tellers on the different types of negotiable instruments and the different types of endorsements. Tellers will learn the guidelines for requiring identification from individuals and detecting check fraud.
·         Tellers: Cross-Selling… A Customer Service Skill
Duration: 30 Min                                                       Code: 20043
In this course you’ll learn to identify cross selling as a customer service skill. You’ll also learn to recognize the six steps to effective cross-selling on the teller line, determine the step-by-step instructions for effectively overcoming objections, and indicate the product-service benefits that may appeal to a variety of customers with different needs.

Course Dates for Bank Teller Program


Feb 15, 2021


One month




$ 199.00